The Company Diesel Locomotive ~ 'Pectin'


You dont have imagine very hard but after about forty five years of hard graft the company's sole old steam engine were showing 'her' age and a bit of help was needed! Enter the company's sole diesel locomotive. This is a bulky-looking locomotive with plenty of pulling power (otherwise known as 'guts'!) which is really needed to pull the heavy ore trains. This engine is painted in one of the two company colours, this colour is known as 'Western Desert Khaki' and is a ex. War Department job lot purchase made just after World War 2 at a cheap price. This engine like all of my models is painted in matt polyurethane to matt down the colours and preserve the transfers. This engine is a 7/8" scale conversion from a Friog BBE 16mm locomotive that I purchased in 1987 or so. It was a easy job to do this and its quite suprising how many so-called 16mm scale bits are in reality made for a bigger scale! This is born out by at the 'By-lines' starting handle on the engine bonnet. Put a 16mm 'hand' by it and it looks huge, put a 7/8" scale 'hand' by it and it looks normal. As there is not space for a 'locomotive dog' Dave is supplied with a small pail of stones for flinging at the pigs! The BBE was supplied as standard with a electronic speed control....(a 'chip' under the bonnet)... on going down small slopes on my line (rather dodgy track) the locomotive jerks and slows as if Dave had stabbed the footbrake with his foot! Dave the driver really needs his 'donkey jacket' on some of these cold mornings! This locomotive was the main 'player' in a article in the 16mm Association magazine...'16mm Today'...November 2008 issue where Dave and his locomotive had a three page spread!


As mentioned else where England had a lot of snow in the Winter of 2010-2011 and lots landed on Worcestershire! This picture could be called 'a small train in a big land scape' Pity poor Dave the driver in the open cab of the locomotive as it battles to get through the piled high snow. I should think it would be hard to start the locomotive on such a morning with cold oil and a sluggish engine. On these sort of days no doubt Dave wishes he worked in the company office!!


Here is a once a year job for 'Pectin' and Dave....the round-up of the lineside pigs and goats that stuff themselves eating the lineside greenery that grows along the line's trackbed. The animals dont really like being rounded up as they have a free and easy life munching away all the year. Providing if they keep off the line nobody bothers with them for most of the year! Now however its time to be gathered up for Winter time in a cardboard box where they hibenate until spring arrives yet again...

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