Buildings and locomotive supply points.

I should state here that I use the 'Jig-Stone' mould system for this scale. I use the native random stone for the building which I find looks exactly scale when a 7/8" scale figure is placed by it. The mould's last a long time, in fact I purchased mine from Peter Chandler, the chap who thought up this method of building. I build my walls on a sheet of glass so they are vertical. I find 'Hard As Nails' great for bonding the brickwork.. Windows frames have the frame stuck on a square of wood painted black (as this is what you see looking into a house) with a hint of white paint....sun reflection/bloom?! The 'wooden bogs' (or as they say in America... 'the bath-room') are wooden fence posts cut with a slant to make a 'pent-roof', a really cheap method of construction.

buildings pics 009
buildings pics 003

Here we are at Rhubarb End (to the left) and the staff are on their meal break. The Check-Weight office is a simple thick wood construction with a expanded foam interior with a composite slate roof and a chimney made of a wood stave off cut. To the right is the line cabin placed by the Dodford River falls...a block of wood with trellis wood nailed to it for 'planking' and a lead tiled roof...

buildings pics 001
buildings pics 013

To the left is the above mentioned 'bog' with a waiting customer waiting his turn!...dead simple to make with a tiled roof made of lead. The coal staith on the right is made from Jig Stones moulds and is easy to make and looks good.

buildings pics 002
buildings pics 004

The Messing Cabin for the Reynoldston Junction yard gang is made of a solid block of wood over-laid by trellis wood and with a composite slate roof. The door allows a 7/8" scale chap to enter. The sole signal cabin (right picture) controls the four way point into the junction yard plus the junction turnout itself and access to the Dodford Falls bridge.

buildings pics 008
buildings pics 007

To the left is the diesel fuel tank with a JigStone base. To the right is the line hut set on the track bed ledge in the local hills where breakfast smells linger!

The water tower at Timberhonger.

On the left is the water tower with a JigStone base whilst on the right is the Mine Office that is built from the native stone mould and looks the part!....(May 2018)

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