More T.A.C.T. progress news!

(There is so much new stuff being done I think I need a bit more space to show it all, this is the new space....)

Track Maintenance Department

Network Rail!! 005

'End of steel'....The ex. U.S. Army Porter awaiting progress....April 2017

Network Rail!! 001

During the Spring of 2017 England suffered a number of storms with high winds. This coupled with Ivy growing along our fence top caused one of the 4' 6" re-enforced concrete 'Godfathers' to crack under the strain! The main crack can be seen at the bottom of the 'Godfather' at the soil level in the first picture (the white bit} with our Rhubarb plant near by.! The second picture shows the extent of the crack with the bolt sticking out...

Network Rail!! 002

As the crack in the 'Godfather' is so bad its got to be replaced. And its my job to do it!! The picture shows how deep the hole is to get the soil and debris out. The hole bottom was at the extreem limit of my arm's...If you look carefully you can see the main crack of the first picture above near the top of the post in the hole to the right. The picture to the right...bottom shows the four foot newer post (which is rather puny compared with the old style post) post hole concreted' in. The newer style concrete used tells you to wet THE HOLE first then pour the DRY concrete mix into the hole! Strange chemicals in the concrete do the rest... The building block at the post bottom used to hold up the track bed here but has been pressed into service to re-enforce the 'Godfather'....Now we need more building blocks and effort to get the line joined up again...

Network Rail!! 003
Network Rail!! 004
May 20`17 001

The picture to the right shows the line just finished.... and shows the new line in operation with 'Jenny' in steam, pulling the loaded skips of 'Reynitium' on their way to the refinary at the company works....The Sweet Pea sticks await the planting out!......very late with sowing seeds!....May 2017

Here is the latest added extra, a 7/8ths. scale steel brake column made for me by a friend who is a model engineer. The old one was a adapted 16mm scale one made of white metal and prone to breaking! This brake column has a turnable top and is painted in 'Muddy Brown'....a great colour to show mucky hard working locomotives and looking the part...(August 2017)

August 2017 001

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