The Company Steam Locomotive~'JAKARNA'

New web pics 001

Well here we are in February 2017 and apart from fitting the new improved piston and lubricator brought out by Mamod Ltd... (which I have purchased recently) here is 'Jakarna' more or less finished! Above is the right hand side and below is the left hand side. Dick Ashford the engineman is facing the 'front' of the locomotive.

New web pics 002

Well as you can see above the Mamod 'Brunel' has under gone big changes in its appearance. The body work is made from sheet brass and there is now a "front" and "back" on the locomotive. The picture's here show cosmetic add-ons to make the locomotive plausible from a operating sense including the raised chimney stack. As to fit into the basic story-line of my line I decided that its 1945 and another locomotive was needed on the line. The works managment ....(being cheap-skates) decided that importing a cheap engine from Europe could be called.... 'War Repatriation' ....and could be... 'squeezed in' with other War equipment being brought home from Europe. All came from knowing various shady persons in the right places! Once the bullet holes and the large shrapnel scar on the rear water tank was patched up the company had a servicable locomotive and as long as it was cheap and in working order everybody was happy....

New web pics 013

Here is a 'birds-eye' picture of the layout of the engine. The oil container by the brass pressure gauge dial can be seen and the red hand-wheels of the Rosko lubricater by the cylinder top. You can also see the brake column and the 'gear reverser' lever in Dick's right hand. This lever is a wonderful patented invention by the company that allows forward and reverse with varying speed via a automatic clutch! On the right hand of the picture you can pretend that the coal bunker where the gas tank is.... is full of coal ,,,and not a gas tank! The condenser is the tall thin item by the gas tank. This bit of equipment works very well indeed.

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