This page is the company 'notice board' so to speak, where the latest news from the line is shown! Things like alterations to the 'permanent way', new wagons and van's, new buildings and rebuild's!

Autumn work 005


I have added new pages to my web site! Use arrows at the top and bottom of index to scroll up or down!

I bet some of you who come on here thought I had shrunk up and keeled over considering the length of time the "Sticks like S****" picture was here?! Here is why! New locomotive boxes for the five company engines...total cost of materials (wood)...£13.32p and some old emulsion out of our garage plus wood screws out of my screw jar! The starting price for locomotive boxes seems to start at £29.00p...so five of them all differant sizes comes to around £150+. They were SO easy to make as well...

Autumn work 002

I dont have many machine tools in the shed, just a Pillar Drill and a Scroll Saw. The lettering came from using the Scroll Saw on thin plywood after drawing the lettering 'free-hand' onto the wood. After sticking on the lettering using the "Sticks like S***" glue I used my collection of vintage Humbrol Enamel paints to give the effect as seen above. The straps holding the lids are are girls head bands going cheap in Worcester!

Autumn work 003

Here is why the boxes were made. My locomotives went to group meet's of the Solihull and South Birmingham local group of the 16mm Association in a assortment of boxes, all banging against each other. Now my engines can travel in comfort. The joy of self-build means a 'pocket' for the live steamers log book is dead easy to add at NO extra cost. (November 2016)

FolderRRoad 012

Here is the new 'Rolling Road' set-up. Now I can visit other local member's garden railways without all of the condence running all over their nice slabbing, etc! The set-up is a metal baking tin with a wood housing bolted on top and the 'rolling road (from 'Loco-Boxes') screwed to the top with the right-hand (above) 'rolling road' channeled/sliding in the wood to fit various sized wheel arrangments!....easy to make.....

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