The N.U.T. Locomotive~'Jennifs'

July 2013 010

The above locomotive was finally finished off during July 2011 after a lot of effort. When I made the first version the result left a lot to be desired! The chassis of the earlier attempt was made by I.P. Engineering which I purchased as the one I saw in a article in SMT (The 16mm Association magazine...which gave me the idea of making a locomotive) was made of metal and bolted together. When I purchased mine I found it was made out of PLASTIC and was to be glued together....There was very little clearance by the wheels of the motor. The controller was made by Cambrian Models and this item did not work very well either. Out it went! On restarting building I purchased a GRS ready-made chassis with slidebars which is well made and heavy. The controls this time around are made by Brian Jones in Lincolnshire and called strangely enough the 'Chimp'...! The name does not matter as the product works well. The taller chimney was made for me by Tony Bird of Cardiff and this fits nicely on the 'Millie' smoke box as sold to me by Roundhouse Engineering. Roundhouse as usual supplied great service. The boiler is a old toilet paper central roll filled with a Evo-Stick foam filler that hardens up in no time. 'Harry' (named after a good scout master I knew years ago) is the driver of 'Jennifs' and scales 6' 2" if you use 7/8" scale but only 5' 6" if you are talking of 1. 12th. scale. This figure could be called 'fine scale' like all of my people as the features are normal and not made to look like a caricature like many people seem to faviour in these larger scales.


What is the Newbold Urban Tramway?? A few years ago a small child known as Jack...{as above!} appeared in my eldest daughters house who, after a while was found to be refering to me as "Trains"! when he visited our house for the first few times and saw the garden railway in action. All this was well prepared for by the use of "Thomas the Tank" toy's of which he had plenty. He was given the job of 'Assistant Shunter..2nd class'! A few years later a small girl called Jesse arrived/turned up who in turn was given the job as 'Fruit mixer ..3rd Class'. A few more years later twins Olly' and Em' arrived. These two were made 'Wheel Tappers...2nd class'. Now the tramway had 'staff'. The twins call the trains... 'Choo-Choo' I gather! The company pay's them all 'wages' if you get what I mean. This is awaited with great glee every monthly 'payday'....

N.U.T. and others 023

The two bottom pictures here show a very specialized job known as 'Pig Sorting'. It take's years to learn the job!

New build 001
N.U.T. and others 026

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