Wagons and Vans

Locomotives are usually made out of metals and unless your a model engineer with a lathe and a well equiped workshop you usually need to buy them in, however the matter of vans and wagons is another thing completely! The basic materials are wood...(stuff that is everywhere!) and thin brass...to make metal fittings. I usually make my rolling stock from pictures or ideas 'out of my head' with cheap brought wood that come's off cheap garden trellis that I buy from our local 'pound-shop. 7/8" scale modellers are now fortunate in England as to having quite a few companies now sell SVE wheel sets plus real scale fine cast resin figures and lots of stuff to make a fine 'rubber-scale' garden railway. (See links page for information) There are also other companies springing up and selling castings as the scale get's more popular. I usually have a 7/8" scale figure handy and use that as a upright scale comparision. One can buy 7/8" scale rulers but I made my own by marking a length of wood in biro of/in 7/8" 'inches' and on the other side a 5' 8" figure in 7/8" scale just in case one does not have a scale figure handy! In picking the conserve industry as a reason for my outfits existance I find you then start thinking about all the different sorts of specilized wagons and vans needed which start coming to mind.....

Two mineral skips. Note diffent tub design.
The wood billit wagon with a load.
The company special fruit tub wagon
The company three plank swede wagon
Work and wagons 002
Work and wagons 004
Work and wagons 005
Work and wagons 003
Work and wagons 009
Work and wagons 008

Not bad are the above are they? That oil drum was made out of waste water pipe! The wagon sides are made of wood off cheap one pound garden trellis. The miners in the work train were 49p. each from the local pound shop. Each has a different face and moveable head. It's all out there!.......(May 2018)

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